Will we in 2014, see the Honda CR-V Mugen?

The car that you see in the pictures is not a 2014 Honda CR-V, this is Mugen concept of this car, and whether we’ll actually see in 2014 that no one can say with confidence. Tuning house Mugen was presented their version the Honda CR-V fourth generation, this tuner was give some of the top Honda cars by now, and we can not wait to see what’s next. This concept was introduced last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, and you will agree that it looks very good.

2014 honda cr-v mugen rear

There is not much information available about this concept, but what we can tell, a possible 2014 Honda CR-V Mugen will have slightly lower profile look and modified bumper. We also really like the large foglights and LED light bars on the front, while in the rear side we can notice very nicely restyled rear bumper.

2014 honda cr-v mugen side view

With this concept restyled new CR-V does not receive any performance upgrades, however, it is getting a new exhaust system. Handling is now given a sporting dimension, and powerful housing 4-piston brakes. We should also mention the huge 20-inch wheels and wider tires. The interior has also received a mild refreshing, which include dashboards from carbon fiber, and carbon-style leather for the trim.

2014 honda cr-v mugen rear view

As we said, this is still a concept, and we do not know whether the Mugen for 2014 Honda CR-V offer in general their refreshment as a trim package.