Honda City 2015

India definitely became one of the biggest car markets in the World. Honda Siel Cars, one of the giant car producers in India, plans to introduce some advanced models for the next few years. In this Indian section, Honda is going to start  the production of new vehicles such as New Jazz, New Honda City 2015 and all new low cost model called MVP, which will be based on very successful Brio. Also, there is a new Jazz-based compact SUV/Crossover to be introduced in next few years.

Honda City 2015

Honda City 2015 – Specs

There is no doubt what the most popular car segment is in this part of the world. Mid-size sedan is definitely customer’s first choice in India, so we expect New City to be Honda’s main asset on the market. The New City will have whole new futuristic design with new bonnet and a front face with much more sharper edges. Like 2014 Jazz, this vehicle will have new roofing details and new LED headlights. One of the City’s trumps will definitely be the engine. Basic model will have 1.5 liter 4cylinder direct injection petrol engine which will produce 127 hp with max torque over 150 Nm. Also, Honda plans a diesel variant of this sedan. It will probably be the VGT version of 1.5 liter iDTEC used in Honda Amaze. This engine produces over 98 hp with fantastic torque of 200 Nm. There will be both manual and automatic gearbox options. Also, the interior will have all new look. New steering wheel, audio system and power window controls are just some of many innovations.

2015 Honda City interior

Even we don’t know too much about this mid-size sedan, we can say that Honda is trying hard to recapture the “numero uno” status in this segment, position that they hold for a very long time in India. It is very possible that the diesel variants will be the key thing that will bring glory to Japanese giant. At the end, the price will also be important factor in City’s eventual success. Honda must give a good price if they want to be competitive to a rivals such as Hyundai Verna and Ford Fiesta.