2015 Honda Pilot

Our expectations are that the 2015 Honda Pilot comes fully redesigned. As we have written in our articles 2014 Honda Pilot model will come with minor changes, but we expect that with minor addition this car become the best crossover SUV in the mid-class on the market. As we know so far, the model for 2015 will come fully restyled, and everyone can wait to see it.

2015 Honda Pilot front view

Honestly, major changes in terms of design we have expect to seen in next year. But with the launch of the new 2014 Acura MDX it is became clear to us that the model will be the 2015 Pilot who all look forward to. So, it’s all a matter of routine, Honda Pilot usually come on the market one year after the MDX models. So with the next Acura MDX due in 2014, suggests that 2015 year is reserved for the new Honda Pilot.

2015 Honda Pilot rear view

According to our information, the 2015 Honda Pilot will have a 310 HP 265 lbs.ft and 3.5 l V6 engene with a CVT for the front wheel drive versions, and a 6 speed automatic transmission for models with all wheel drive. The 2015 Pilot styling will be moving away from the current “Angry Robot” styling to “more modern” look, and judging from recent trends do not be surprised if this model appears to less boxy shape.

2015 Honda Pilot interior