2014 Honda s2000

Honda for several years did not produce roadster models. So everyone is looking forward to the new 2014 Honda s2000, and we hope that will start its production. What we now know is that in 2014, Honda certainly publish the new roadster, however according to our knowledge it will be available only in the Japanese market. Because of this and we are in a dilemma,  as to whether the new 2014 Honda s2000 occur.

2014 Honda S2000 side

But the rumors that we have the most confidence tell us that we can hope that the 2014 Honda S2000 will be available in the market, and not only that it is expected to have a hybrid engine.

2014 Honda S2000

Potentially it will use some variation of the current CR-Z’s powerplant coupled with an electric motor giving it much more power than the outgoing S2000. It is speculated that this new vehicle will be released in 2014. Only time will tell.

2014 Honda S2000

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