2014 Honda Civic

We expect that the 2014 Honda Civic shall not get some significant changes as opposed to previous model. 2013 Honda Civic has been redesigned from its predecessor, with the eliminated almost all the objections that critics have. New 2013 Honda Civic has come with a better quality interior, and a restyled rear. It also comes larger package of functions, so that the standard equipment included rear back-up camera and a Bluetooth mobile phone interface. So what to expect from the Honda Civic for the 2014 year was bigger package of colors and maybe more features. So we expect that this model will appear in early 2014, and it will announce the new Honda Civic 2015, which should come with important changes.

2014 Honda Civic side

The 2014 Civic could also offer a few more-upscale features, such a pushbutton start system and heated front seats, to help attract buyers looking to downsize their rides to save money or get better fuel economy, but don’t want to give up expected conveniences.

2014 Honda Civic rear

The base Civic’s 140-horsepower 1.8-liter engine could use a bit more muscle, perhaps with some additional low-end torque to help enable quicker launches, but it’s otherwise competitive with many compact models. New Honda Civic has also received criticism of the somewhat weaker performance, we expect that Honda Civic 2015 eliminate this “deficiency”, if not sooner.

2014 Honda Civic interior

Fuel economy is expected to remain unchanged for the 2014 Honda Civic. That means most coupe and sedan versions will likely obtain an EPA-estimated 28/36/31 mpg city/highway/combined with the standard five-speed manual transmission and 28/39/32 with the optional five-speed automatic. There’s little reason to wait for the 2014 Honda Civic as major updates aren’t expected, and you’ll only wind up paying a modestly higher price in the process.

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