2014 Honda City

Honda City is a car with very modern design that is offered in many countries. The last (fifth) generation of this model was also included in the European market. Depending on market conditions City is available in several versions. Different equipment packages come in different markets. Since you are asking us a lot of questions when will come out new 2014 Honda City, we have performed a bit of research for you.

2014 Honda City

On the internet, you still can not find specific information on how it will look new Honda City, but what we hear that the 2014 model will come with some changes. These changes will be reflected in the new alloy wheels, front grille, LED running lights and somewhat different headlights. It is also expected that 2014 Honda City be slightly longer than its predecessor. Thanks to these changes, we can say the new City comes with a brand new look.

2014 Honda City rear side

As we found out in the new City will be available diesel engine that using 1.5 liter Earth Dreams engines i-DTEC, and will also be available with a gasoline engine. This is so far all we’ve managed to find out for you, if we find any new information, we’ll let you know.

2014 Honda City interior