2013 Honda VFR1200F

2013 Honda VFR1200F is a motorcycle with a sporty look, and it is one of the models on which you really can see a major change from its previous series. The new VFR1200F has a lot of new features for easier handling, better pefrormanse that are of the finest, so this model sets high standards in its field. 2013 VFR1200F is faster, better, more powerful and more beautiful.

Honda VFR 1200F 2013

Engine remained the same (good things should not be changed) 1236cc V4, and it has a 6 speed transmission. The 2013 VFR1200F also sports a dual exhaust system, with one outlet always open and the other opening according to the engine rpm and providing the best back-pressure for optimal operation. The new VFR1200F also comes with a low-centerline driveshaft for better mass centralization and combined-ABS braking, with throttle-by-wire for both versions.

Honda VFR 1200F 2013 side

Base prices start at $15,999 (€12,060) and $17,499 (€13,190) for the VFR and the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) one, respectively.