2013 Honda PCX

2013 Honda PCX will allow you to do any business with this scooter everything is at your fingertips. 2013 Honda PCX 150 is fast and not so small scooter, you’ll be able to drive it on the highway, and is more economical than most other scooters. Automatic transmission is perfect (Honda of course), the storage area is large enough, and the acceleration is great. The new Honda PCX 150 is the perfect choice for those who want to save on fuel, this scooter have all.

Honda PCX 2013

With its new, bigger 153cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, the PCX150 is powerful enough to ride on the highway and carry you and a passenger, all while getting up to 102 MPG.

Honda PCX 2013

The PCX is all about taking care of its rider. Exhibit A: the large seat and floorboards. You get room to move around and your passenger gets plenty of room too. The full-length floorboards and step-through design also makes getting on and off a whole lot easier.

Honda PCX 2013

The retail price for the 2013 Honda PCX starts at $ 3.449.


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