2013 Honda CR-V VS 2013 Ford Escape

Honda CR-V and Ford Escape are the best-selling crossovers in its class. No one can answer the question which of these two is the better vehicle! What we can do for you is to give you a comparison of characteristics of these vehicles, and you evaluate which of these two crossover is just for you. In any case, both of this company have very different ideas of further modernization of these models. As has been shown, Honda does not carry out any major changes in their Honda CR-V and in this way remains faithful to the customers. Ford chose a different one might say the riskier route and the new 2013 Ford Escape is significantly different from its predecessor. What is the basic and similar for both of these models is that they come with almost the same four-cylinder engine.

2013 Honda CR-V side VS 2013 Ford Escape side

While Honda only offers one engine option, Ford has historically offered a hybrid and V6 option as well. Both of those have been axed this year and replaced by 1.6- and 2.0-liter Ecoboost engines. Hardly a replacement for a hybrid, the 1.6-liter is the most fuel efficient with 24/33 mph city/highway while the 2.0-liter provides a V6 replacement with 240 hp and only one mpg less than the base engine with 22/30 mpg. 2013 Ford Escape comes with a standard six-speed automatic transmission, a manual gearbox is no longer available, nor in the basic version, as was the case with the current generation of Ford Escape. 2013 Honda CR-V has an available five-speed automatic gearbox the same as in last year. The interior of the Ford Escape completely is restyled and looks sleek and luxurious, while the interior of the Honda CR-V looks comfortable and Honda fans will definitely feel in it like at home.

2013 Honda CR-V VS 2013 Ford Escape

2013 Ford Escape now offers more legroom in the back seat, and somewhat larger trunk, but the Honda CR-V continues to give more space. Despite being a little less space than the Honda CR-V, the new Escape has the first segment of an optional feature that makes all the difference: a hands-free lift gate. That means walking to the car with both hands loaded with bags of groceries or will not be a problem. Just kick the leg under the rear bumper and the door opens. This option is, however, available only in expensive top trim models.

Honda CRV-2013-Rear VS 2013 Ford Escape rear

Price for these two models is also similar and basic versions are available for little more than $ 23,000.