2013 Honda Beat

2013 Honda Beat will be at dealerships this year, and that is a done deal. Although both critics and Honda fans hope to see new Honda S2000 successor models, Honda apparently has other plans, because as we said, the new 2013 Honda Beat will be launched this year, and thus on the concept of a new Honda S2000 puts a question mark.

2013 Honda Beat 1

Since we had long talks about the Honda NSX, a recently introduced and Honda EV-STER concept, it is clear that Honda completes the production of small sports car with a 2013 Honda Beat. Width of this sweet little sports car is only 55 inches and the roadster will be based on the CR-Z will have styling influenced by the OSM concept

2013 Honda Beat

Options aggregates are still unknown, but sources suggest that the force provide security cylinder gasoline engine. What is more interesting, there was speculation that the 2013 Honda Beat will have dual-clutch transmission that adapts the model of Honda’s VFR1200F motorcycle.

2013 Honda Beat rear