2013 Honda Activa

Honda Activa is the most popular scooter in India, so Indian Honda decided to upgrade this model so that the new 2013 Honda Activa have some new features and specifications. In India, this scooter is the top one scooter. New Honda Activa will have to offer two versions: standard and deluxe edition.

2013 Honda Activa Side

2013 Honda Activa, unlike his predecessor gets a lot nicer and richer style. Also what makes it so different from its predecessors is the metal front, so that the body of this new scooter is much stronger. The front look of the new Activa reminds one of the Honda Aviator and the European design cues that adorns the new scooter go extremely well with the new Activa’s upmarket feel.

Honda Activa

New Activa also get improved engine. Its engine will now have a 110cc instead of the previous 108cc. Maybe this does not seem like a big difference, but this is definitely something what you are gonna to feel during the driving. New Honda Activa provides excellent handling, stability and comfort, that is all that is needed to keep the leading position.

2013 honda-activa-speedometer

The back booot space of the Honda Activa is very larger than any other scooty in india.It is nothing but a multi gender scooty which is made for both men and women. Depending on the trim level, price of Honda Activa is in the range of Rs. 47.200 – Rs. 49.200