2013 Honda Accord Tourer

 2013 Honda Accord Tourer is a model that is very similar to the previous generation of this car. However there was a marked a huge improvement in aerodynamics and fuel economy of the new Accord Tourer. So apparently the new Accord, which is beautifully designed will get the wagon version of the so-called Tourer.
Honda Accord Tourer 2013
As regards the engine for this version of the Honda Accord wagon it will be the same as the sedan version of the model, and you’ll be able to choose between three engine sizes. A 2.0-litre 154bhp and 198bhp 2.4-litre petrol units and a 2.2-litre diesel engine with either 148bhp or 177bhp. When choosing an estate many owners will opt for the excellent diesel options. The 2.2i- DTEC is the pick of the bunch, offering strong performance with very good economy of 51.4mpg.
Honda Accord Tourer 2013
The Honda Accord Tourer offers good looks for an estate, excellent build quality and you know that it won’t break down. It would serve almost any family proud, and it’s only if you really need to haul large objects around that its smaller cargo space becomes an issue.
 Honda Accord Tourer 2013 interior
You will probably read somewhere that the disadvantage of this model is the high price, and it is partly true because the Honda Accord price of $ 34,000 is certainly not small. But keep in mind that this is the superb luxury car and it is certainly worth that money.

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